The Dreaded Finishing

Although I finished the hooking on my hall runner nearly a year ago, it had remained rolled up, unsteamed and unbound. I promised myself that after finishing the hooking on my footstool, I wouldn’t begin a new project until I did the finishing on some completed projects.  

To that end, I hauled out the runner, and spent an afternoon steaming it. Then I was faced with the dilemma of where it could dry. The only space big enough where it would be out of the way is the living room, but it is currently under construction, and full of plaster dust. 

I finally settled on hanging it over the banister from the upstairs balcony.


I knew the weight of it hanging over the stairs would soon pull it down, but my ever resourceful DH came to the rescue once again.


Ray clamped the linen edging to the railing to keep it in place, and we’ve been happily ducking under it as we go up and down the stairs.


Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Next job is to zig zag around it twice with my fearsome, and single minded sewing machine. 

I’m procrastinating about this, because I know I’ll have to do that most awful of jobs….refill the bobbin…..but first, the dog needs grooming….the baseboards aren’t all stripped……I need to make some broccoli soup….You see what I mean??? Anything to avoid sewing! 


6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Finishing

  1. Patricia Dalton Elizabeth, this made me smile. Sounds so familiar, especially needing to groom the dog and anything else to avoid tackling the dreaded finishing!

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