Work in Progress

Not my work in progress…alas…I am up to my eyes in finishing. This is some of the in-progress work of the Sunshine Rughookers. We don’t meet through the summer, so it is nice to catch up with people’s work when we get together again in September.


Cecelia has completed the body and grass surrounding her lion, and is beginning the background.


Luise is working on this wonderful derelict barn…I’m presuming it is for the barn project.


Jeanne is beginning a set of chair cushions. She intends to make each one different.


Edie is beginning this lovely old pump pattern. It is related to a long standing family joke.


The light in the windows of Isabel’s house make it look so inviting.


This is a large circular rug (I would guess at least 4 feet in diameter). It was donated, partially finished, and Bea Grant has organized it’s completion. (just has to be bound now). It is to be raffled off in the future.


Helen is almost finished her abstract. It is actually the edge portion of a red trillium which she has isolated….quite stunning…the vibrant colour doesn’t show to advantage in the photo.


I think this hearth rug is Diane’s (I may also be wrong). The background was dyed with tea to create an off white, mottled background.


Vida, who lives in Collingwood, was visiting for the day…wonderful to have visitors. She is originally from Newfoundland, and is working on this snowshoe scene from home.


Cynthia has just returned from a trip to Newfoundland, and her piece is inspired by the blueberries which were in season.


Fiona is working on this whimsical piece of her grand daughter, who loved to dress up in her brother’s clothes. They live in California….hence the palm trees, mountains, and water.

In the meantime…I’ve completed the binding on my hall runner, and I’m halfway done with Women in Hats. The dreaded zig zag stitching is done on all the unfinished pieces, and my index finger may never recover from all this whipping! Can’t wait to get back to actual hooking!!!

Mostly Off topic

I usually keep pretty strictly to rughooking on this blog….but this time is an exception. My son’s girlfriend has just completed her MA in Biomedical Toxicology, and as you can imagine, has been ensconced in a lab, and papers for several months. To celebrate her school completion, they have embarked on a cross Canada camping trip for a month….and had a wee time with us before taking off.

Elyse had expressed a desire to learn to knit….so Friday afternoon, while our son finished the last few preparations, we sat down to the task. I covered the basics, knit, purl, cast on , cast off, and away she went.


Talk about enthusiastic! This was taken Saturday morning about 6:30 am, standing in the kitchen waiting to leave! (notice how well she’s already controlling the tension with her right hand) I’m so proud of her.


Checking to make sure all is well….she is a natural…the tension is even, and there are no dropped or added stitches. Lucky lady…she can knit in the car. ( I would be car sick in an instant) so she’ll have plenty of time to knit as they wend their way to the west coast.


Two of my favourite people heading out the door for a wonderful adventure……I, on the other hand, have not accomplished nearly as much whipping as I had hoped. I think someone added an extra mile around the edge of my hall runner….

I did however find a wonderful alternative to a million pins holding the backing and binding ribbon in place.


My sister purchased these little clamps for quilting, and offered them to me when I complained about the pins being a nuisance ….pricking , and falling out of such a large piece when it is moved or rolled up .


They work perfectly….I love them, and plan to get some for myself.

Now it’s packing and preparing for a wonderful September camping trip. This is my kind of weather!

"Fessing Up"

I don’t know about  you…but I get the most accomplished when I have a deadline in front of me. A recent phone call from Linda Wilson was to let me know that on the first Tuesday of October, it would be “All About Elizabeth Martel and her Rugs” at Sunshine Rughookers. Now I definitely have a deadline….I have to display and talk about all my rugs. While most are done….there are way too many that haven’t been bound…suddenly all those unbound rugs loomed LARGE! I’m sure I can’t get them all done…but I sure would like to get at least some of them finished before I have to show them. 


I’ve already started whipping the edge of the hall runner.

So just how many rugs need to be properly finished? I decided to dig them out, and confess . 


This is actually my second rug ever. Can you believe it? It was started in the early 90’s…nearly 20 years ago.  Peonies… a Rittermere pattern. It’s on burlap, so I may have to use cording when I whip it…YUCK  It was never bound because of the sun having discoloured it when I left it under a skylight in the trailer over one winter.


This stained glass pattern from Heartland Creations is also on burlap. I always thought it would be nice in a frame with silver edging….just never got around to seeing about it. 


My Deanne Fitzpatrick “Ladies in Hats” (burlap again) will be easier to do since it is to hang on a wall, not be on the floor.


My blue bird…the one and only piece done with nylons is on monk’s cloth and should be simple to bind… that I know it will work to bind it with yarn.


I’ve seen such beautiful finishing done on this pattern, also from Heartland Creations, that I’ve been reluctant to even start on mine. One of Linda Wilson’s is stretched over a foam board, and another has a show binding with a lined backing. They’re both beautifully displayed….sigh


My little caterpillar is only 12 x 12 and should be a ‘quick fix’ .

I’m not even including my footstool, since it is hooked, but I can’t go further until Ray has the time to build the box for it. 

OK….now to see how many I can do the finishing on before the first week of October. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

PS…I couldn’t help adding a little quote here from Gene Shepherd’s blog for Wednesday. He is responding to a note sent to him by a fellow hooker……now I feel much better!

“The one thing you say, however, that I do have trouble understanding is this comment:   I try to finish one project before beginning another … In all candor, that seems strange, even stressing my brain so it goes a little fuzzy and causing me to see spots before my eyes as I bog down with the unnatural concept …  finish one before starting another … Sorry, I just don’t get it.”