Stripping and Hooking

While camping in September, Ray and I found an antique/junk shop just outside of the village of Bobcaygeon. He loves browsing for old carpentry tools, particularly wooden planes, and I usually just wander . This time however I found an old pressback rocker which I fell in love with, and before you knew it, it was tucked in the back of the van. (Well we did pay for it first)


It seems to be in good shape under countless layers of dirt and old paint. While I’m just about to start taking the paint off, I am very aware that I don’t have a project at the moment to hook….so I’ve decided to make a chair pad for it.


I just used regular computer paper taped together to draw the template, then cut it out (folded it and cut both sides the same).  


It fits nicely on the seat.


I’ve transferred the shape onto linen, and now I’m searching for inspiration for a pattern.


 I’m thinking of borrowing from this piece of fabric which I’ve had for  a LONG time. I bought it just because I loved it, and have used it as a cover for a variety of things over the years. 

Time to get out a pencil and doodle (while I wait for the stripper to eat at the paint on the rocker).

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