Happily hooking again

After studying the inspiration fabric, and sketching a variety of options, this is the pattern I ended up with for my chair pad.


It looks very busy, but I count on the fact of a restricted colour pallette to give it unity.


I chose these four wools hoping for a variety in depth and texture. I staggered their entry into the dye pot (darkest first….lightest last).


These were dyed with slate blue


These were dyed with paprika and red (half and half)


A start on the colour palette….but in spite of the different times in the dye, there’s not nearly enough variety in the depth….so the next step will be ….dyeing some lighter versions.


It was so nice to have something to hook on again at the Sunshine Rug Hookers meeting yesterday.


In the meantime….I’ve started stripping the rocker….not nearly as much fun as the hooking (sigh).

5 thoughts on “Happily hooking again

  1. The chair pad is going to turn out so beautiful. The shade of green in the fabric is one of my favorites. I’m NOT a lover of greens. I’m a purple gal.. But that shade of green POPS!! I cant wait for it to be done!! ~Anita

  2. Sandi Leatherdale commented on facebook : "Those spindels on the chair look like a bit of a nightmare. Is there an easier way?"

  3. Ummmm….well…I could pull a Tom Sawyer, and let my friends have a turn…wanna try Sandi….you’ll love it!!!!

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