A Tribute to Cheri Hempseed

Tuesday was Tribute day At Sunshine rughookers, and the featured hooker this month was Cheri Hempseed.

This is one of my favourite rugs. She adapted it from one of Deanne Fitzpatrick’s…adding an extra lady on the right, and then extending the work to include  the whole bodies. It is actually 3 panels, is likely 5 high feet at least,  and takes up a large portion of a wall in her home.


I love the shoes on each woman…they co-ordinate so well with each outfit!

Cheri actually chose not to bring her rugs, (which she felt we’d all seen) and concentrated instead  on showing examples of her other areas of artistic endevour.

I knew you’d want to see some of them, so I found these pictures of some of her work stored on my computer.

This picture of abstract trees was begun in a workshop with Deanne on abstract images.


It is pictured on the back inside cover of the current issue of OHCG newsletter, but is wrongly captioned as a pond with bull rushes by someone else. I hope they print a correction in the next issue.

Cheri designed this pattern herself. She uses all sorts of interesting textiles, and cuts the strips by hand.


I took these pictures quite some time ago, and I think the rug is now completed.


She used a Klimt inspired background …..


and Deanne style closed eyes….of course one looks down when playing hopscotch.


It is a massive piece…..I didn’t measure it but I imagine it is more than 6 feet long. Cheri’s hooking is totally distinctive with it’s wonderful texture, vibrant colours and free flowing form.

(now to show you what she did bring to share with us)

From the giant to the tiny…Cheri is well known for her “lady necklaces” which are only about 2″ x 3″  and they are always treasured by whoever is lucky enough to have them.


She has now extended her necklaces to other symbols.


Cheri grew up in Toronto, and after completing University, went on to graduate from the Ontario College of Art. For many years she was a potter.


She brought a few examples of her work…this large vase…


and other smaller pieces…all very distinctive.


These are flat backed to hang on a wall.


She also made wonderful jewelry…..


for me the piece”s” de resistance were these two Santas


Each one stood about 12″ and the detail was astounding!!!….look at that paint can..


and the names on the stockings……everything is hand made. She has apparently made quite a few for her family.


Of course she is also a quilter


…and a Christmas tree maker….

and does cross stitch…


This panel d
emonstrates various Christmas family activities such as getting the tree shopping, decorating the tree…etc.


Another beautiful cross stitch hanging….


Cheri is a multi talented lady, whose friendliness, kindness, enthusiasm and skill have contributed a large part to my wonderful experiences in the world of hooking. Thanks for sharing with us Cheri.

4 thoughts on “A Tribute to Cheri Hempseed

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  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful variety of her work with us! I have one of her "lady necklaces" and I didn’t know who Cheri was! I like her pottery pieces too. She is multi talented! I love learning about people through your blog!

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