Going Around in Circles

Much to my surprise, after claiming I would never hook with nylons again, I’m quite enjoying working on my cats paws.


This time I’m using a different backing (rug warp) and a different hook ( a 6mm that makes good sized holes to pull up the material easily). I guess I’m easily amused, because I’m having fun coming up with various combinations of the colours to create different effects. 

While leafing through an old copy of RHM recently, the sky of this piece caught my eye as a potential colour combination for the background….not a done deal….but contemplating….I think it will need some purple….hmmm….


Below was my first attempt to take the picture….because of the glossy paper, I realized I needed to take the picture without the flash.


I hope none of the neighbours saw me standing on the veranda in my housecoat and slippers in a snowstorm juggling the magazine and my camera to get a photo without the flash glare.  

Hope to get lots of hooking done tonight while I watch Toronto win the Grey Cup (fingers crossed I don’t have to eat those words)

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