Cat’s Paw Background

The background is underway, and I really like the effect of the blues against the reds. I wanted it to pop, and it surely does. This is by far the brightest piece I’ve attempted, and the colours are way outside of my usual comfort zone. (Saundra these colours may shock you to the very core…I need to visit your blog frequently just to get a calm colour fix)


My favourite cat’s paw is the large one on the left, which goes smoothly through the oranges to red , pinks and finishes with maroon.


I spot dyed the background with 5 colours. I began with turquoise (which unfortunately doesn’t show up in the picture), then used, from pro chem: navy, national blue, brilliant blue, and also the Majic Carpet blue. I’m not very good yet at gauging how many nylons I’ll need….they don’t go very far), so I’ve got lots more background dyeing to do.


I find I’m adding more rounds to many of the paws as I do the background, as well as inserting more small ones to fill in the spaces. Its rather like watching someone break out in the measles!!

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