Eye Phoenix and Kimono

My “Lady with Fan” is now Althea. Many thanks to my dear friend Sandi for researching names and finding just the right one. Althea means health and wellbeing…and this is my “healing piece”.


I completely removed her left eye and rehooked it…changing it’s angle, lowering it, and enlarging the grey lid area. I like it much more now. The nose however,  is another matter!


I used some of the new dyes I purchased for this project in the Phoenix….Cantaloupe (with a wee touch of black to dull it a bit) and  Sea Breeze for the body. To get the pale yellow green for the tiny lines, I overdyed a piece of pale yellow with a smidgeon of Mallard green. Apparently all the greens in Chinese symbols are blue-greens (I’m learning something new every day as I work on this).


I used my favourite black watch tartan for the “black” parts on the wings.

One of the best things about hooking for me is that I can jump around in what I do. (I always hated those 345 rows of stocking stitch on a sweater before I got to the interesting parts.)

I decided to move to the kimomo. My earlier attempt to dye the deep dull blue for it didn’t work. I used slate blue with a touch of lilac…it was lovely, and ended up on the Phoenix wings, but wasn’t at all right for the kimono. It needed more depth. This time I chose three different wools, natural, oatmeal, and a grey check.


I dyed it with slate blue, navy, and a wee bit of blue violet. I had to do it twice to get the depth I wanted, but I really like the final outcome.

For the lighter sections, I tried this sand/pink plaid. and some oatmeal wool.


I dyed the oatmeal with pink sand and mouse grey (spotted, not mixed)…and I love that. My lovely pink plaid probably would have worked if I’d left it alone, but I overdyed it with pink sand and clay, and although i’ve tried it, it’s going to taken out….too red/brownish, and now too dark.


I really like how the two wools go together.

Right now I have some pale lilac wool soaking and I’m going to try overdyeing it shortly. ( keeping my fingers crossed).

Dyeing wool is so exciting when it works, and so disappointing when it doesn’t. By the way…I’m so grateful to Wanda Kerr for her video on microwave dyeing. This rug needs lots of small pieces of wool, and it’s such a simple and quick method to do them, and to experiment without taking up the whole stove. I must make a trip to Goodwill to look for a better microwave dyeing container. My large ice cream tub isn’t very sturdy!

Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Eye Phoenix and Kimono

  1. Eye is fantastic now. Thank you for the name acknowledgement. Did I say that Althea was my mother’s middle name. A very wise and forward seeing lady.

  2. Mary Lou Justason said on facebook: What determination to dye all that wool and make everything JUST right! Congratulations.

  3. Mary lou if I was more interested in learning about colour theory, I’d have fewer "yucks" …but it’s more fun to experiment

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