Mouse Grey and Sand Pink

Every piece I do is a learning experience, and some “little girl” part of me gets excited whenever I figure out something new (for me) and like the results. This week has been one of those “aha” times.


I ‘ve been hooking the kimono, and (as usual) struggling with the colours. At the end of the last blog, I mentioned that I was soaking some pale lilac wool to overdye.


The results were pretty, but glaring against the other colours of the kimomo.

Then Dorr came to my rescue. My 5 yards of natural arrived, and I was in 7th heaven. I have lots of recycled wool in my stash, and use it whenever I can, but I love nothing more than the feel and joy of hooking with freshly dyed new wool. I rationalize the expense by comparing it to the cost of buying wool dyed by someone else, and by resisting the urge to replace my Bliss and Frazer cutters with a Beeline or Ault.

But I digress….I wanted some very pale pink, some shades of brown, and mauve and blue, and some very dark wool for the stripes. Everything I tried looked garish. I liked the splotches at the bottom of the kimono, and had created them by dyeing mouse grey and pink sand over oatmeal wool. It dawned on me ( it should have occured to me sooner) to introduce at least one of these two colours in everything, and now I’m so pleased with the overall results. My aim is not to try and reproduce the original colours, but to achieve the essential overall effect.


I overdyed the light brown houndstooth with mouse grey.(the dyed piece is on the right). It looks splotchy and ungly in the piece, but suddenly “matched” the rest of the kimono.


I did the same thing with  maple sugar pieces and now they co-ordinate too.


The pink plaid (overdyed with pink sand and mouse grey) was originally intended to be in the light part, but is now in the dark section.


I used lazy swatches of pink sand for the pale colours, and my main deep blue for the stripes.


Now I’m happy and can’t wait to finish this section. I think Althea is smiling too.

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