Working in a Flower Garden

This week has been a labour of love in a flower garden. (well not always)


The main things on my mind were balancing the flower and leaf colours over the whole piece, and what kind of dyeing technique to use to use to create the effects I wanted.


At the bottom right it was simple enough to use the dip dyed salmon for the large flower, but a dip dye wool wouldn’t work for the other flower on this stem.


I ended up cutting the piece of wool the other way (dark end and light end), and using the darkest and lightest colours to create the frilled petals.

The same problen arose with these flowers.


The one on the left I did with 3 versions of pink sand, and I ended up with a pale blob of nothing. I thought at first I would just use one colour for the ones on the right…again…another ugly blob. I took that out, and at the point where I took this photo, I thought I’d try outlining in a darker colour, and filling in with a ligher version of the same wool….equally ugly. Frustrated, I went digging in my stash of red left overs. I found a 6 colour swatch in a colour that would work (an orange red).


There was very little wool, but I managed to get enough. I did opposite petals the same colour, choosing two colours far enough apart in the swatch that they were easily distinguished. The petals are in the darkest green I have for this piece. I like the flowers, but worried that the whole area was too dark (being that it was beside the phoenix) I’ve decided to leave it though, since the background will be “yellow” and hopefully that will give a “spark” to this more intense area.


So most of the left side is done, with the exception of my pink sand blob.


I started ripping it out, but when I got this far, I realized that maybe there was hope for it yet. If the botton section of the flower became green, and the petals were subtly distinguished …..I’m still pondering this one!

When in doubt….leave it alone and go on to something else. (did my mother tell me that?)

I did this flower with a paler salmon dip dye. The edges weren’t well enough delineated, so I inserted a wee strip of very dark salmon between the petals.


I’m calling this a stylized water lily. I copied Klimt’s use of black outlining for this and rather like it.


It’s done in a paprika dip dye, and since it was outlined, I  mostly used  the dark part of the strips.


Just simple circles with the dip dye for these little berries (or buds)


Well that’s what I accomplished this week.

I’m thinking ahead to the background. I know what kind of end result I want, but I haven’t yet decided how best to achieve it. … dye…..pancake dye….a variety of colours in individual pieces.?? This morning Wanda Kerr has an article on wandering wool   and how to dye it…a bit of a twist on what I’ve tried and I think it may be worth a try……There’s always something new to attempt…One of the reasons I love rug hooking.

Thanks for stopping by.

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