All About Liz Edwards

It never ceases to amaze me when I learn about the wonderful and diverse lives our Sunshine Rug Hookers have led.

Liz Edwards was raised on an island in Lake Simcoe which had few amenitites, and later lived in many locations throughout Canada  from the west  to the shores of Newfoundland, finally returning to her roots in the Lake Simcoe area at Beaverton.

As a child she learned sewing, knitting , and embroidery, and along her life’s journey had a number of businesses selling unique hand made children’s clothing.


This example is now the family christening gown, worn by successive grandchildren.


The beautiful smocking on the yoke reminds me of special dresses I wore as a child. Does anyone smock any more?


Liz became an avid spinner, spinning her own wool and using it to create unique, one of a kind garments, like this fanciful shawl.


Both warm and elegant!

Liz is such a creative artist. She had knit this vest (again from her own wool) and debated how to finish the front.


It was hanging near this completed scarf, and she decided to combine the two. How ceative is that!

When she was first introduced to rug hooking, her instructor gave her a piece of burlap, and said draw some lines.


This is her first rug hooking effort.


Her wonderful personal style developed with successive rugs.


The sense of something about to happen pervades this piece, while the eye is immendiately drawn to the pink dragonfly.


The feeling of movement and beautiful colours make this one of my favourites.


Her flowers are blowing in the wind. Now what is that pig up to?


There is a wonderful depth of colour in all of Liz’s pieces.


Again the movement in the water catches my eye, as well as the colourful undersea creatures.


I love love love this piece. I’m always partial to hooked lambs, and this Sheilagh Klugescheid pattern is on my “want to do” list . The beautiful blues, mauves, and pinks give it such depth. Thanks Liz for sharing your creative journey with us.

I must end with an apology to Mary Wiles. Her special day was in January, and I was not at my best during that month. I was at the meeting when she presented, but with no camera, and only half a mind, so I was unable to share her story . Please forgive me Mary.

Now back to Althea and curling. (I just realized yesterday that for years I’ve been spelling it BRIAR when in fact it’s BRIER..never to old to learn something new!)….and if you don’t know what I’m talking about…chances are you’re not a Canadian. We love throwing rocks and sweeping ice.

2 thoughts on “All About Liz Edwards

  1. Elizabeth – ha, that made me laugh! I haven’t gotten any hooking done the last two weeks because of the Scotties and now the Brier. And yes we like to sweep ice, even if we don’t curl! 😉

  2. Yes Allyson, and world’s are coming up soon. We’ll all have to cheer for Homan. This year’s Scotties was the most exciting women’s curling I’ve ever seen. She was spectacular.

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