Working With Values

I am oh so bad with colour theory! Unless pushed, I know I don’t think in technical “colour terms” the way I should/could.  It’s not that I don’t consider value, intensity, tint, shade, etc. etc., I just don’t think in those actual terms. I make an uneducated guess, and fix/change as I’m working . I spend a great deal of time looking at my work and deciding what works and what doesn’t work, As a result I have a lot of difficulty choosing an entire colour palette before I begin hooking, and usually end up with a drastic departure from my original ideas. Since I dye my own wool, this isn’t as much of a  problem as it would be if I had to choose all my colours from a store or vendor beforehand.

BUT…I want to get better at it, and Wanda Kerr’s on-line course is a great way to force myself to consider value as decider number one when it comes to wool choice….to analyze in terms of plane and cohesion BEFORE I start to hook.

I’m going to try and hook this little piece entirely from existing wool in my stash, but the operative word there is TRY. I am at heart a monochromatic person, so if the colours are too different, I may have to amend them in a little blending stew.DSCF4847Here’s my pattern.DSCF4862I chose a selection of blues from my stash that I thought might work, but they cover a wide range of values.DSCF4870I settled on these medium and dark values, plus the greyish white for the moonDSCF4867These browns are possibilities for the groundDSCF4868I found two bags of green strips that may workDSCF4871…and began sorting them according to valueDSCF4872They were mostly an 8 cut, so I’m cutting them down the middle so they are roughly a 4 cutDSCF4874I haven’t forgotten Althea. I’ve been working away on the background, and it’s nearly done. Then I will be forced to tackle her hand, and the re-do of her nose. I’ll need to be in the right mood when I sit down to destroy her face, and re-hook it.

Although it is officially spring, we still have about a foot of snow on the front lawn, so no need yet to think about spring clean-up and yard work. I can happily stay indoors and hook to my heart’s content.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Working With Values

  1. That tree is taking on a life of its own and I can see the effect of the moon-shine on it already. How instructive this is for me! And Althea is simply magnificent!
    jill in Ontario

  2. Thanks Jill. I’m learning as I do it too. Wanda is so knowledgeable. It was also nice to have something small to take out to our hooking meeting this morning. Althea has put on a lot of weight!!!

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