What WIll It Look Like?

So often during my hooking life, I’ve been disappointed when an absolutely gorgeous piece of wool looked not gorgeous and in fact yucky, once it was cut and hooked.  This has been an ongoing learning process for me. I remember seeing a brilliant mat once, made entirely by affixing a piece of plaid next to a hooked square of the same plaid. What a great reference chart.

The more I try out hooking with various plaids, checks, patterns etc, the better I get at anticipating what they will look like. I have a few favourites, that never seem to let me down.

DSCF4897First on that list must be black watch plaid. (The flash makes it look lighter than it really is) I love the highlights it gave to Adele’s hair.DSCF4898But it’s also great as a black too, it has such vibrancy. I like using it in lots of places….such as here in the phoenix in the Althea piece.DSCF4881

Second would be this brown/black diamond check, which has never disappointed me.DSCF4879I first used it for Hygieia’s hair. Although the picture doesn’t show it, in real life there is a clear distinction between her hair, and her headpiece ( which has lots of black watch in it)DSCF4880Then along with several other wools, it created highlights in Althea’s hair.DSCF4876….and now I’ve just used it for the dark side of the trunk in Wanda’s teaching piece.  It’s such a versatile wool.DSCF4896

I’m getting better at knowing how houndstooth checks will hook up (Lots of trial and error to get there). I tried several wools in this area before I tried the hounds tooth. I’ve found that the style of hooking (antigodlin style used here in order to get a good mix of the light and dark) has a lot to do with the final effect. …straight line filling would have looked stripy.DSCF4894

Right now I’m looking for greater variation in the background trees of the Wanda teaching piece, and I keep looking at a green/brown/white plaid sitting on the shelf across from me. At first glance, it seems too light, but with judicious cutting (using the darker strips?) it might just give the spark and interest I’m looking for…..I might just have to try it out.

As an aside….since taking this picture I have pulled out most of the shore-line and replaced it with a lighter section of the wool I’m using….but I’ll get into that next time.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “What WIll It Look Like?

  1. I’m new to hooking, and don’t have a stash of wool (yet) but am learning a lot by reading your very informative posts. Rug hooking is such a great craft (or is it an art?) and there seems to be so many subtle nuances that can make a piece great instead of just good. Thanks for a great blog with such helpful info!

    • Laura, I’m so glad you find the posts helpful. My aim is just to record what I do and why and how I do it….a record for me as much as anything. The art/craft debate is endless. For myself…I know deep in my heart that I am not an artist, but I think I am artistic (does that make sense). Acquiring a stash is a gradual process, but be forewarned….not one that stops just because you have lots of wool!

  2. Don’t know how it is; I found this blog; but so glad.; seems I came in on ‘page 10’. And now see menu/links for ‘rest of story’ – and clearly more to come! A total treasure. Thank you for such an ‘in depth” and personal,sharing . A tutorial and and an inspiration; no matter ‘where’ you are per ‘hooking’ endeavors. Thank You, Elizabeth. 😉

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