Show and Tell at Sunshine Rug Hookers Meeting

I am surrounded each week with such wonderful hookers and friends, and haven’t shared in a while what they are working on….so yesterday, armed with fresh batteries and my trusty camera, I caught up with what everyone was doing. I hope you’ll be as impressed as I was.


Karen has just finished these striking zebras. She said she thinks she will frame them.DSCF4951She is currently working on this wonderful winter scene, and has just the corners to do.DSCF4937

Diane bought this Cheticamp pattern last year while visiting Nova Scotia.


Edie has nearly finished her scrappy rug. I’m glad it’s not me having to finish that scalloped edge…but I can’t wait to see how she does it.


Judi started this rug at a workshop with Deanne Fitzpatrick (also in Nova Scotia) She said they were to just start pulling hoops in lots of colours. She explained it’s a simple pattern she’s created, just sky, mountains and foreground.DSCF4936

also in Judi’s bag was this wonderful Emily Carr adaptation, which she began in a workshop at Trent Rug Hooking Camp.


Barbara has just completed this striking bell pull.  I LOVE black backgrounds.DSCF4931

Joanne is making mug rugs. That’s one of my favourite colour palettes.


Isabel is working on this traditional styled hot pad….


….and has just completed this piece….I’m not sure if it is to be a pillow or a chair seat


Some of you may be familiar with Cheri’s wonderful specialty. She makes these little portraits into necklaces, and they are a popular item where ever they are seen. I have one she did of my sister and I, which even has correct hair and eye colouring. It is one of my prized possessions.DSCF4933

The detail she manages to put into these tiny creations is quite astounding.DSCF4925Gayle’s hooking technique is one I have tried to emulate. It is superb.DSCF4946

Cynthia created this cute little Easter bunny in a cabbage patch. Her creativity is always an inspiration.DSCF4927

Talk about creativity! I am in awe of what Fiona does. These are 4 pictures of the same lake with her granddaughters swimming in 2 of the pictures.DSCF4926

This is her free form interpretation…but…she is so creative….DSCF4928

The sections separating the pictures are depicting sand and shoreline rocks, which she knit into the hooking.DSCF4930

She said the body of her granddaughter in the picture reminded her of a mermaid, so she created an impression of one by first picking up and crocheting a row around the area, then switching to knitting the body in a variety of textured wools. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

We were discussing making brooches as a fund raiser, and someone produced this wonderful trillium pin, as an example.DSCF4947It is exquisite.

You may remember Marion’s wonderful embroidery and lace work (check Jan 22 2013 post in the archives). She recently attended a workshop given by a native artist who is working to preserve the aboriginal women’s crafts of quilling, beading, moose hair stitchery etc.  She made this strawberry at this workshop.


This scissors fob was amazing….each thread was threaded with a delicate matching bead. DSCF4949_2That fine work is not even close to the realm of possibility for me!!

I just  couldn’t resist including this hilarious and wonderful creation made by Cynthia. She bought a jersey balloon dress (is that what you call those dresses which are pulled in at the hem so they fluff out?)…at the local Good WIll, and proceeded to create this amazing “work tunic” (that’s my name for it…she may have another)


…. She cut off the bottom band, and slit the sides, pulling the pocket to the outside and inserting a gusset. (the pocket isn’t easily see….it’s beside her left hand)DSCF4940

She made the neckline fit with tucks and buttons…..DSCF4942

….redesigned the back to show off her hour-glass figure…..DSCF4944….and clipped and decorated the sleeves.  What a lady!!!

I’m sure you’ll agree that I’m one lucky hooker to get to spend hours each week with such a creative and congenial group of women!!

Thanks for stopping by. Love love love it when you comment!

4 thoughts on “Show and Tell at Sunshine Rug Hookers Meeting

  1. Awesome projects! What a treasure to spend time with friends doing what you love! I look forward to seeing more soon!

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