Oh So Blue

I spent  lots of time this week carefully choosing the colours for the sky so that the branches of the pine tree still stood out against it, while the sky itself still looked believable and blended smoothly. After finishing the one side, I took a break and moved on to hooking the shore.


Every once in a while I stumble on exactly the right wool for exactly the right spot. I feel like that about the wool I used for the shadow under the pine tree. DSCF4959It’s a very dark plaid with lots of hidden colours……DSCF4956Although it looks almost black in reality, the flash shows up the variety of colours in it, and it creates such a spark to the hooking (especially those ting gold specks). You can just imagine that there are lots of interesting things on the ground, but it’s too dark to see them clearly.  It’s my favourite section of this piece (at least today)DSCF4970

I knew I wanted the very tops of the trees to be lighter to reflect the moonlight. My first effort at that was a crashing failure! I started with a row of the pale off white along the tops of the trees, then began the sky above it. I didn’t take a picture of it because it was so ugly I tore it out immediately! There is a little piece of the white left above the trees on the right….note to self….that’s not how to create light on the tops of trees!!!   Helen reminded me of a technique she had learned from Deanne Fitzpatrick….sporadic loops ….Then I remembered….DSCF4973

I used that technique on Charlie the Caterpillar….The left side of his bow tie didn’t show up well against the background, so I put a few lighter loops along the edge.

I found a pale green, cut the strips quite small (about a 3), and added them just at the tips of the trees.DSCF4961Whew!! then when I added the sky I got just the effect I wanted….as if the moonlight is catching the treetops.DSCF4964

With lots of blues to choose from…I selected just two to hook the water….both had a slightly purple tone…one lighter, one darker. I thought it would be a slight contrast to the sky, and give the impression of deep water in the river. I got this close to being finished when I ran out of wool. I rummaged through my stash, and found a piece that while it had lots of green showing on the top, was mostly the right colour if I turned it over. DSCF4967

I cut out a small piece and added it in to finish. I don’t think you can even see a difference. How lucky can you get.

I’m still debating on how to do the rest of the shore line….browns? greys? greens for grass?  Stay tuned to see what emerges.

Once again our ground is covered with snow this morning  -20 C last night near here….and yet it’s supposed to be 17 C tomorrow (I think that’s high 60’s F).  You’ve got to love spring in central Ontario!

Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Oh So Blue

    • Stacey….reverse hooking seems to be an integral part of my hooking…I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that it’s just a part of the process for me. I sure wish I had a larger piece of that wool from the shadow….I love it too.

  1. Deb I really find that “thinking out loud” on this blog had been great learning experience for me,….even better if it helps someone else as well! I’ve only done one other landscape, and it’s a style I’m hoping to get better at.

  2. This was a great post. I love pictorials but find I do a lot of reverse hooking because something I thought would work didn’t come out as planned. It’s nice to see I’m not alone in that. Love, love, the ground under the tree, nothing adds spark quite like a texture with subtle color in it. Can’t wait to see this all done. Thanks for sharing.

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