A Question of Value

At some point in almost every rug I hook, the problem of values too closely associated and side by side rears its troublesome head.  That’s happened again this week, so I’ve done a lot of thinking about how I’ve dealt with it in the past.

Sometimes it’s possible to change one colour enough that the shapes become clear.dscf4013-jpeg-scaled1000 In this little spring swap mat, I changed the mother bird’s breast to a darker tone so that the baby bird showed up against her.

DSCF4843Sometimes outlining will solve the problem, or even etching an edge with something very fine like embroidery cotton can also work.dscf4834-jpeg-scaled1000 Sometimes I have even decided that clarity isn’t a priority, and I’ve decided to leave it alone


In this section of the background of Althea, I purposely let this dip dyed lotus flower meld into the background.

So  (I said to myself)….which one would work for this week’s value problem……  the far lower right branches of the pine tree against the sky in my Wanda landscape. DSCF4982

The value of the sky and the tree branches are too close.

In reality, the branches wouldn’t necessarily all stand out against the night sky, so perhaps I’ll just ignore it. On the other hand, I’ve considered taking the very dark sky all the way down to the horizon line on that side, but I wonder if that will make the sky look unconnected. Would it make any sense to use some very light spots so the branches will show up against the sky (as I did on the far trees)?  As usual, I decided to leave it alone while I ponder these possibilities, and worked in another area. ,,,,(maybe that’s my new slogan….when in doubt….hook somewhere else)

My intention is to eventually re-name this piece “Severn in the Moonlight “. The Severn River shoreline is certainly not grassy, so Initially I made suggestions of rocks with some vegetation in a few places. DSCF4977So much brown seemed unbalanced and unrealistic, so I added more vegetation, and even some lighter greens in a few places where the moonlight might catch it. (Here it is partially changed)DSCF4978 Now I think I’m happy with the near shore.

Next Thursday and Friday I’ll be attending a workshop with Wendie Scott Davis, so I’m excited at the prospect of learning something new. I’ve chosen my photo, and I think I’ll dye some wool this week for that venture.Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 11.53.59 AM I

I’m going to attempt to re-create this picture of my sister and I, but I haven’t yet decided on hooking a  realistic or an impressionistic version.

On Tuesday, The Sunshine Rug Hookers are having a mini workshop on making  Trillium brooches, so I’m looking forward to that as well. DSCF4947For those of you in other areas than mine…the trillium is the provincial flower of Ontario. It blooms in the spring and soon the forest floors will be carpeted in  white  all over the countryside. It is said that if picked, they will not bloom again for 7 years, so picking them is strongly discouraged (if not illegal).

So I’ve got a wonderful, busy hooking week ahead. I’ll take my camera along so I can share these events with you too.

In the meantime…..I’ll continue debating….dark all the way down????? edging???? ignoring?????

UUmmmm…..decisions decisions.

Thanks for stopping by.

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