A Tribute to Erma Newhouse

After a two day scare when I thought I had lost my camera forever…..my dear husband found it and the sigh of relief could be heard all over the house! Soooo I am delighted to be able to share these photos of Erma’s work, after fearing they were lost and gone.


Erma is a multi talented fiber artist, with rug hooking being just one of her many skills.


A striking pillow. My favourite lamb is that off white one. I think he’s the leader of the flock!


This Waldoboro rose is hooked on verel, and was done as a part of her course requirements for the Georgian College diploma in fibre arts.


Erma brought a sampling of the many forms of work she has done…bear making…


….print making…


…silk dyeing….these were sooo beautiful…


weaving ….towells and..



blankets. …and crocheting…


I was intrigued by this blanket…one side has a multi coloured highlight…the other side is green. I’ve never before seen reversible crocheting.


Erma is also a skilled basket weaver…


This little one is actually made from pine needles.


Erma not only made these moccasins, but did the traditional beadwork as well.


You can see on the table examples of her photography and print making as well. My photos of those didn’t turn out.

Thanks Erma for sharing your work with us…..you are a very talented lady!

and thank YOU for stopping by to see her work.

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