I Tried….But I Just Can’t

Well my intentions were good….to hook an authentic primitive styled rug…specifically in the style of Magdelena Briner…..but it’s just not in me!


I started hooking Beijong…our Chinese shar pei. (wrinkle dog)..and included the characteristics of the breed….curled tail, small tight ears, square snout, and bulky body. Before you knew it, I had altered his rump and added two more legs to make it look more like him and it no longer looked very primitive.


Then I began the pets we now have (Beijong has been dead for 12 years)….2 siamese cats, and a standard schnauzer. If they were going to be identifiable as siamese (which I wanted) they had to have their points visible……Akuma…the seal point is on the left, and Akira…the lilac point on the right. I hadn’t intended to shade Akuma…but just happened to have wool left over from my large protrait of him  (Heidi Kramer’s pattern fat cat) ….so of course it made sense to use it. ….woops…too much realism again!


Now here’s the real Akira….he helps me  with everything I do at the computer.DSCF5128

Baxter is our Standard Schnauzer and again I readjusted his stance and added a leg to make him more lifelike. (He looks a bit chubby here because the backing isn’t lying flat)

Perhaps if I’d chosen generic animals instead of beloved pets….but I knew I was in trouble even when I was drawing the templates. My need for them to actually look like themselves was too strong. I could happily leave eyes and details out…but could not force myself to add faces that weren’t realistic (so my sitting cats show their backsides)

DSCF5127….so there it is….the end of my attempt…and now I’ll carry on with my memory rug in a wide cut (8) and I’ll use Magdelena style background, (although when I started that I realized I couldn’t be authentic there either).  I’m not putting myself down….just recognizing that what pleases me is what I have to hook…not only in substance, but in style as well.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. Much earlier in my hooking journey, I read a book by Deanne Fitzpatrick, and tried to hook a piece in her style…..couldn’t do that either….I am by nature a low hooker, and love the look of even loops, so I can’t get that wonderful effect Deanne creates.

One of the very best things about the Sunshine Rug Hookers group is that we have very skilled traditional hookers in fine cuts who do detailed shading and realistic portraits and landscapes, and we have others who hook with alternate fibers, hand cut their material, and pull high loops, and create pieces which take my breath away….and we have those in the middle…like me….who enjoy wide cuts (6 and 8) and strive for a painterly style. If you’re going to the Annual in Kingston this week end…stop by the Orillia Sunshine Rug Hookers display, and you’ll see what I mean….we do it all!….but I don’t (sigh).

Lynda (also a Sunshine Rughooker) commented on this blog on face book..and said it so well that I wanted to add it here……” I guess some of us are sopranos and some are altos but we have a “harmonious” group.”

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