Having Fun With 8

It’s been awhile since I hooked a mat which was primarily done in an 8 cut, and I’d forgotten how quickly it goes . I’m really enjoying hooking these pets.

The background, of course, for me is always a series of try outs. I decided to roughly use this Magdelena rug as my inspiration.DSCF5140_2

….and tried this out….


….too dull…

Then I tried a little colour….


…..too blah…

Then I took it out and added black….


….and just like in The Three Bears…this one was just right.


Poor Snowball the white rat is toes up over Soo Ling…who did him in!


I dyed a 1/16th yard piece of natural with a tinge of medium brown for the body of Beckett, the fox terrier, and another 1/16th yard with a wee bit of chocolate brown for the two chocolate point siamese. I did them in the microwave…such an easy way to do small pieces of wool.

I’ve left the hardest till last….my black and silver Miniature Schnauzer Brannigan….hardest I think because of the way I’ve drawn him. Of course if he doesn’t work out, I’ll just draw him in a different position.


…so that’s my progress to date.

Now I’m off to get my plants in the ground….hopefully the threat of frost is over.  It’s been a very late spring here in Ontario…we brought  all of our hanging baskets into the house for several days  because of the cold nights and below freezing temperatures. Sure makes you appreciate the warm weather when it finally arrives.

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