This and That

My friend Cecelia recently finished her second rug. What a beauty! DSCF5067

It is 3 and 4 cut, and she had it professionally framed.  In the picture, it is propped on the piano in our meeting room, but it’s real home is a place of honour on her living room wall. I love the story she told, that her husband had never commented on it all the time she worked on it, but now that it’s finished and hanging, he proudly invites friends into the house to “come and see what my wife made!”  What a feat for a second rug!

A few weeks ago, we had a mini workshop at Sunshine Rug Hookers on making trillium proddy pins to sell as fund raisers at the Quilt and Rug Fair held in September.DSCF4989

Here is a finished one…quick and easy…and just the sort of thing people like to buy at craft fairs. They are sculptured and thus have a 3-D effect.


Edie had hers underway in no time.

The next week we had a refresher course on making proddy pins. The possibilities are endless with these.


…and they’re also highly popular at sales.

I’ve mentioned several times the rug Aurora Rose that our group inherited, completed, and raffled off at R.U.G.

SAM_1228-1We also had a little sale at one of our meetings, and sold the wool that was left over after it was hooked .SAM_2222

As a result…our president Diane, was able to present a cheque for $525 to Gilda’s Club, a wonderful Cancer support Group. ( I appologize for the sideways picture…try as I might I couldn’t turn it.)

In the meantime, I have been hooking away on my memory rug, and received some great input this week from Bea Grant (a wonderful teacher who specializes in primitives) and who just happens to also be a member of Sunshine Rug Hookers.


Thanks Bea for the tips and the encouragement to carry on and “do my own thing”.

2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Great newsy post. I am loving your Magdelena style rug. It is progressing nicely and how great that Bea was there to offer input. She rocks!

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