A New and Improved Baxter

When I originally hooked Baxter, my standard schnauzer, on my memory rug, I was thinking primitive, basic outine, no detail. Well as you know that didn’t last long! As the other animals followed, I realized it was important to me for each pet to be easily distinguished, and to demonstrate a bit of his character. Yes….”his” . It’s been a long standing joke in our family, as the mother of three sons, I was the “Queen” and only female allowed….all male pets too.DSCF5144

This Baxter was too chubby, had the wrong stance (schnauzers are always ready for action and mischief), and I just wasn’t happy with him.

At first I thought I could cut down the chubbiness, so I took out the top half and reworked a skinnier version.  That was better, but I still didn’t like it. The “attitude” wasn’t there…and the schnauzer attitude and intelligence are what give us countless belly laughs each day.

How wonderful is the internet? I googled “profile image standard schnauzer” and up popped a wonderful pencil sketch which was just what I needed. DSCF5155_2So out came the whole original, and I made a new template. (I knew those old teaching file folders would come in handy for something).


The head angle and hind leg stance make all the difference . Now it exudes his character.


I traced this version in red so I wouldn’t get mixed up. (here you can clearly see his three time transformation)


Tah dah! That looks more like my Baxter!

…and here he is in person….


Of course….fixing one thing created a few problems elsewhere…and now I have to move Shingi…the little cat to the left who is now too close to Baxter….and as well, the fill that was under his legs will have to be removed and reworked. ….but what’s a little ripping out among friends.

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