A Special Request

Last week I had a special request from my son Mathieu. He asked if I would make a brooch for him. Here’s the story.

Friday he would be attending a family wedding.   Mathieu was escorting his very good friend Scarlet, and wanted to buy a tie to match her dress. However he was unable to find one in the right colour, so decided that a boutonniere to match would be a good option. Soooo would mom make one?

I was delighted to be asked…….a photo of Scarlet’s dress was sent to me, and I got out the dye pots.image

Ummm…I thought…a coral pink….and went and dyed 2 pieces   1/16yd each…one a dip dye, one just mottled. Boy did I get it wrong! The slightly dulled cantaloupe was WAY too orange, so I started again. This time with salmon. Still too orangey….so I added  1/2 in. of a toothpick of magenta…..on the right track….but still not right….I think I did that twice more, until I finally had it.

I thumbed through Gene’s proddy flower book for a refresher on the flower types, and made this. I hasten to add that my camera isn’t very accurate with colours, …so these don’t look the same at all, although they were. I chose the centre to go with Mathieu’s shirt.


I had the whole thing finished, when I realized it would look better with some leaves. I cut half leaves and glued them to the petals, tucking the edge under the felt backing.

Here’s the finished product.DSCF5162

…and here it is being worn…


The wedding was at an absolutely lovely country venue…so why oh why did I take this picture in the parking lot of all places!


…my great niece and her proud dadDSCF5182

…in an arbor of trees…DSCF5172…..and my ‘bunch’.

4 thoughts on “A Special Request

    • I don’t believe he did. He’s asked for more to go with other shirts etc…I think he’s hanging onto it.
      ps…he is very talented in his own rite….a great artist and animation designer…just not with wool

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