Ugly Wool?

There are lots of perks to being a Yahooker, but one of the best is participating in the swaps.

The one under way now is an “ugly wool swap”. A box of wool is sent round, and when it comes to you, you take out and keep whatever strikes your fancy, and fill it back up with your own “ugly wool”, then send the box on to the next person in the rotation. It eventually comes back to the person who started , and the swap is complete.

Of course we all know there is no such thing as “ugly wool”, so it’s like Christmas when the box arrives. DSCF5216

These are the “gifts” I removed from the box…hardly what you’d call “ugly”.



Oh yes….plus these two. I’ve already used them in my memory rug. The pale beige plaid was so perfect, there is only one tiny strip of it left.



I’ve used it several places in the background (wish I had more).



The striped wool makes a nice accent in the corner section.

On the off chance you don’t know about Yahookers…it’s a yahoo group for rug hookers who share both hooking and life…..truly a community of friendly helpful interesting people. There is a chat area, a bulletin board for buying and selling, and extensive archives on every imaginable hooking topic. Although I’ve met very few yahookers in person, I consider many of them my friends. If you’d like to join us…go to Yahoo groups. There are several hooking groups I believe, so make sure you get the right one…the one begun and administered by the amazing Phyllis Linblade. (who I’ll hopefully get to meet this fall as she’s planning to make the trip from Michigan to Ontario for R.U.G.)

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