Ah that Medium!

It’s been great fun hooking the memory rug, and being an 8 cut it’s gone quite quickly. I think it is only the second rug I’ve hooked with a medium background, and that’s not generally thought to be a wise thing.  It is the one aspect of this rug that has caused me the most thought, and ripping out, and rethinking.DSCF5223

Each section had several “tries”….here I was debating about where to insert the plaid…on the left I tried ….right after the grey brown…on the right I tried….. inserting a row of the beige before adding the plaid. I decided on the right hand version, as it highlighted the plaid….the left seemed just too busy.

This has what has been on my mind as I hooked each background section: -…. does it let the animal show up well, ……does it compete with the animal, ……does it pop out too much when I stand back,…… do the colours next to each other blend, flow, disappear,…… does the shape distract from the animals close by? What I was after was….interesting, but not overpowering……the eye going to the pets first, not the background.


Here  is that section when finished. I found that larger background sections close to the animals were less distracting. I let the areas around the edges of the rug have some stronger colours and combinations, and made them smaller as well. I have no idea if this is “technically” correct, but it pleases my eye.


Akira thought he’d check himself out close up, and it felt so good he decided not to leave!

For some reason, I liked that solid dark section under the hooked version of Akira, and felt It should be repeated somewhere…so I did the same thing under the belly of Snowball the rat .


Hooking done!….now what colour to whip the edge?

I knew I’d never be able to match the beige plaid that forms the main background colour, but wanted a colour that went well with the background as a whole. I rolled up my rug and off I went with it to the only store in town that carries !00% wool yarn.

….and here’s my tip/reminder of the day. I’d chosen a brown that I thought looked great, when the salesgirl reminded me that the florescent lights could effect the colour, and perhaps I should take it outside for a better look. Thank goodness for her! In the daylight, the wool I’d chosen looked AWFUL! … and didn’t go with the rug at all. I  replaced that ball with the dark brown above…..so always check your colours in natural light.

So next steps….zig zig, stream , trim, and start whipping…..while looking for inspiration for my next venture.

Happy 4th to all my American friends. I hope you have as good a day as we did on Canada Day…….watched the parade, visited the park , enjoyed all the booths, displays and the fair, and watched the fireworks from our balcony at night….. while Baxter (our macho schnauzer) hid in the bathroom behind the door.

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