Too Hot to Handle

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not I hot weather person. Give me a snow fall any day, a biting wind  even, and it doesn’t phase me.


This is my idea of a spectacular day.

So getting through the weather we have had in central Ontario for the last week has been a struggle. 34 C  (93F) with a humidex of over 40F (104F) is not my idea of fun. All of this to explain why I haven’t picked up a hook in several days.

Last weekend, the memory rug, now renamed Mathieu’s Pets, was finished and delivered.

DSCF5290Several proddy broaches have been made and sent to my daughter-in-law in Regina


…., and then instead of forging ahead with a new and exciting project at the beginning of the week, the temperature soared and both motivation and energy  deserted me. Late this afternoon, we had a severe thunderstorm, and high winds, and the temperature dropped from 34 to 22 (72F) in 15 minutes. If the heat wave is truly over, I’m sure my  inspiration will return. Please bear with with me.

2 thoughts on “Too Hot to Handle

  1. Elizabeth – thank goodness you took that picture of a winter tree. I needed that to cool down!
    Your broaches are beautiful. Jo-Anne

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