Prodding Little

While I wait for the inspiration muse to find me once again, I’m making another special request for my son Mathieu. …small boutonieres  to fit on the lapel of a new jacket. The trick being that the lapels are very narrow….only 2″. …and the request is for black with a white centre, and white with a black centre.

(I’ll begin by saying I’m going to detail this process so I have a record should I be asked to make more weenie ones)

My first task was to decide how small a circle I would use. I grew up with imperial measurement, and now live in a metric world, so I couldn’t find an “inches” ruler… conversion skills are limited, but I do know that 10cm is 4 inches, so 2 inches must be 5 cm, so I was set! Being very scientific…I used a lid from my nail polish remover to draw the circles….it was 2.5 cm in diameter, leaving space for the outside petals to spill over.



Wow, the circles looked really small. I would have to adjust the strip sizes.




…my first three efforts. The top white one uses #8 strips. the other two were ripped. I formed the inside white row on the left by knotting an end, then pulling up the other end and knotting it, then clipping the ends.


The centre black section of this one was made by prodding square end strips, then clipping them into a fringe.

I couldn’t stick to just black and white when I came upon this red wool. It looked exactly the colour of a new pair of slacks Mathieu had just purchased (although my colour memory is pretty bad). I used the red and oatmeal for this little flower.



The picture don’t show how small these are.

The next step is to spread glue all around the base. Normally I secure the petals with an elastic so they don’t get glue on them, but this proved impossible because they were so small and the elastic just slipped off.



I solved this little problem by wrapping card stock pieces around each one, then adding the elastic to hold it .DSCF5326

Then I applied and spread the glue using another piece of cardstock. (I still got lots on my fingers)  Looks like sushi!

The next step was to apply leaves. I went through my green scraps, and found that the black needed a really strong acid green to show it off. I cut little half leaves….3 for each flower.



…after this I reshaped the bottoms to make them shorter, and to fit around the bottom of the flower, then glued them to the back of the appropriate petals with the bottom snuggly against the backing.



When thoroughly dry I started the finishing.



….ready for the final step. I purchased broach pins at Michael’s, and used the 1″ size. I like the ones that have a stick-on back. I cut felt pieces and used my tiny punch to make a hole for the pin to come through.



Then I spread glue on the back of the proddy, positioned and pressed the pin and felt into place and let it dry overnight.



Today, all that was left, was to carefully cut around the original circle. I find it best to do this from the flower side, not the back side, avoiding cutting in too close.



Tah dah!   Mathieu’s little boutonieres

6 thoughts on “Prodding Little

  1. What nice little flowers. Love how they came out. Any chance of seeing them as Mathieu plans to use them? How lucky to have such a talented mother around!!

  2. What a fantastic tutorial with great descriptions and photos! What terrific patience you have for such tiny flowers! And what beautiful results!
    jill in Ontario

  3. Thanks so much Jill. Recording the steps will help me too if I need to make more. Mathieu and his friends picked them up tonight as they were leaving for Calgary, and they were all claiming them, and checking how they looked on their suit jackets, so I guess they are a hit.

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