I love dyeing wool, and the other day, I just felt like getting out the pots and doing a batch of “something”. I’d been looking at some of Gene Shepherd’s subtle colour changes on one of his posts, and thought, “I haven’t really got any transitional pieces in my stash. I’m going to do some transitional dyeing.” It’s easy…..no soaking….no dye required.


I gathered up some odds and ends of darks and lights.


….ripped them into suitable sized pieces, and arranged it all in my pan in several layers.


I mixed some dish detergent in hot tap water(I have no synthrapol) , and pored it over the dry wool.

DSCF5345….turned on the stove……


….and soon knew I was in trouble!!  Yikes….too much water….too much red……dark purple not bleeding at all…


….oh well….it was a nice day for drying wool outdoors, and my red stash now has extra variety.

Note to self: less water….and that beautiful purple plaid is no good in a pan of transitional wool.

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