Wow, I wish I  was better at envisioning the end results of my hooking. A lot of the time I have to actually see something hooked to know if it works or not…..and even then it often takes awhile for me decide if I like it or not….which means….lots of redoing.

The barn makeover is coming along, but I keep changing my mind and redoing sections, which may end up getting redone even again….

So I thought I’d share this process (well a bit of it at least…..the times I thought to take a photo). There is still lots to do, and sections I’m not happy with….but here’s the journey  to date….


This is the stack of wool I’ve been using for the non-mossy parts of the wall….some transitional, some not.


After lots of reverse hooking (I actually dislike that term….what’s wrong with old fashioned ripping out?) , I’ve finished the mossy section of the wall. I took out a lot of the darkest green, and used a softer dark green, with yellow green and light apple green highlights.


One last look at the old cement wall before I removed it all and started to redo it  in the vertical stye with the highlights that are so visible in the be funky photo.


I think I like the mauve to pink/beige at the far end of the wall , and the highlights around the tree. After I took this picture, I changed the part on either side of the second window on the left.


I’m not at all sure  I’m happy with this yet …..I keep changing parts of it, and I see several areas I still want to change. ( like the beige cross line that is too prominent). I don’t have any transitional wool the right colours for this and the abrupt colour changes are bothering me, so tomorrow I hope to soften the edges.


I added more colour under the largest window, but I’m not sure I like it either (I think it looks better from a distance than close up like this).


So this is where I am at the moment. Still very much a “work in progress”, but lots of fun to see what I can make of it.

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