That Hooking Urge

Do you ever just get the urge to hook colour for the sheer joy of seeing it develop? Well I’m in a “just want to hook…not think” mood, and I must admit I’m enjoying it.

I wanted to try Gene Shepherd’s dump dye method (with no particular end product in mind), and chose 1/2 yard natural wool, and one  of my favourite colour combinations… violet, turquoise, and grasshopper.


Yummy!….but what would it look like hooked up? I went rummaging actually looking for a small piece of backing that would fit on my frame, and I came up with a pattern on burlap. I’ve no idea where I got it, probably picked it up for next to nothing at R.U.G. It has a scroll border with some large flowers in the centre, and the colour suggestions are both printed and painted on…obviously an old pattern, and not one I should  really be hooking on, but it is firm, in good shape and has no burlap-ee odour, so caution, and rules were over ruled by my impatience.  I plopped it on the frame, and happily started hooking away. It’s just what I feel like doing….no big decisions, no pre-conceived notions, just enjoy hooking.


I cut the strips so that each one went through all the colours, and started hooking. If I started with the purple end, which ended with green, I then began with green, which goes through again to purple…thus getting a smooth gradation through all the colours. Simple and fun.


I did the opposite on the other side of the scroll, and played with any holes in the middle….nothing planned or precise, but lots of powerful colours.


Thinking about the centre flowers, I pulled out these colours. and then promptly changed my mind. The scroll is definitely not fine shading, and I didn’t think fine shading of the flowers would look good with it. (besides, I don’t feel like hooking fine shading anyway!….and this is definitely a “hook what you want” project)

For the background, I used the same colours as the scroll, plus lilac, and did a spot dye. This time using 1/124th teaspoon of each dye in 1.5 CBW over 1/2 yard natural. (the dump dye was 1/4 tsp of each colour)


…a little more colour than I would have liked, but the scroll is deep enough that it provides a good contrast.


!/2 yard won’t be enough for the whole background, so I’ll do a lighter version as well, and mix the two. I decided to try a lilac and purple flower with minimal shading, but that is definitely coming out and the treatment of the flowers is still up for debate.

Leaving Sunday for Nova Scotia and the museum….yipee!

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