Back From the Maritimes

I’m still catching my breath from our wonderful trip to the maritimes. One of the highlights (apart from our daylong visit to the Rug Museum of course) was a visit to Deanne Fitzpatrick’s store in Amherst Nova Scotia.

Now there’s a store that makes patrons feel at home! We were given tea and oat cakes, and invited to take pictures and browse at will. The walls are full of Deanne’s wonderful rugs. An art gallery and a shop all rolled into one.


I was in heaven.


…amazing abstract….all in reds


…..inspired by Klimt….


…Deanne’s signature ‘faceless’ ladies….


….now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t carefully read the cards posted with each rug (I plead wool and beauty shock)….because as I look at the picture of this rug, it seems unlike  Deanne’s style, and I’m wondering if it is one of her very early rugs, or perhaps is done by someone else.


When I took this photo, I thought I was finished shopping….but no….it seems there was lots more I couldn’t live without.


This was the yummiest table of goodies. I couldn’t resist buying the little pattern on the top of the two sheep (my maiden name was Lamb, and my sister and I always exchanged “lamb themed items”) ….and I bought  a packet of “white” yarns, laces, fleece etc as well as small bits of wool to hook it.

….then in the back knitting room…I found this pile of Pendleton wool garments….I can never resist Pendleton pieces, and I chose the muted blue plaid….5th down from the top in the middle. Now when I look at this picture, I’m kicking myself for not also getting that black watch shirt just underneath it. Black watch plaid is so useful for everything and my stash of it is running low.
Back to the story of my new purse….DSCF5499
There was a table of similar purses with an interesting background…..they are made by a group of women in Kenya, who grow the fibre, dye and weave it and create these beautiful bags (I chose these colours to go with my winter boots, but there were many colours available). Of the cost ($50) …..$40 went to directly these women, and $10 to the local foodbank in Amhurst Nova Scotia.
These Kenyan women (mostly grandmothers) support their entire village with the sale of these purses, which are brought in and distributed by a Canadian gentleman. When I read about them, I had to have one, and I just love it!
There were many highlights on my wonderful trip to the maritimes, and visiting Deanne’s shop is right up there near the top.

1 thought on “Back From the Maritimes

  1. I noticed that beautiful Kenyan bag right away. Thanks for filling in the information about it. You must have left Deanne’s place a very happy woman!
    jill in Ontario

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