Barn Project Part 2

  • Here’s part two of the barn project pictures.DSCF5659DSCF5657
  • DSCF5660DSCF5661DSCF5662DSCF5663DSCF5664DSCF5666DSCF5667DSCF5668DSCF5669
  • The sheds used for drying tobacco are another  style of  farm building disappearing from the landscape.DSCF5672DSCF5673DSCF5677DSCF5676
  • The final barn is by co -convenor Linda Wilson. She reminded us that the beautiful barn swallows that used to be so plentiful are also disappearing now that the barns and the accompanying manure piles that they fed on, no longer fill the rural landscape.
  • Many thanks to the three co-convenors Linda Wilson, Sheila Klugescheid, and Marie Turner, as well as The Simcoe County Museum for giving the rug hookers the opportunity to participate in what I know will be a great exhibition. If it comes to a museum near you, I hope you will go to see it in person.

2 thoughts on “Barn Project Part 2

  1. I’m finally catching up on some blog-reading and saw on Yahookers that the Barn Project was being unveiled. Oh my, but the rugs are so amazing. Each one kind of tugs at the heart. I really hope I’ll have the chance to see the show in person. What a perfect theme to display in Canada where our beautiful barns are disappearing or crumbling.
    jill in Ontario

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