October Sunshine Show and Tell

While I was off in the maritimes, Sunshine Hookers were hard at work. Since we had a show and tell at my first meeting back, I’ll share their progress here.


This is a wonderful rug by Ann Hallett celebrating the Coldwater river (which runs through the village of Coldwater).


Kathy is re-creating her mom’s garden.


Lynda is working on “chippy” begun at the workshop with Wendie Scott Davis.


An almost completed barn…


…designed by Mary Ann’s dh in the style of Deanne Fitzpatrick. (I hope I have that information correct Mary Ann)


I love that water…


This is ready to be bound without whipping …I really must try that sometime.

DSCF5698Gayle has just started this Sheila Klugescheid pattern. I think it’s called “Summer Flowers”.


Jeanne is making a set of chair pads…each with different flowers….not sure which number this is.


You can always count on Gail for amazing colour and design.


Judy’s starting to finish these wonderful animals. LOVE the colours!


Edie’s chicks are hatching…in preparation for the International Plowing Match next fall where the Quilt and Rug Fair will be exhibited


I should know who is hooking these morning glories, but I don’t  remember…..sigh.


Margaret is creating a wonderful rug for her son and daughter-in-law.


Judith is designing this colourful undersea adventure as she goes.


Jeanne found this whimsical old pattern and brought it in to show us. It is being copied to hook on new backing. What a great old pattern.

In the meantime, I’m working away on my old pattern, and I’ll show my progress and dyeing failures and successes with it in the next post.

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