A New Twist on an Old Pattern

This old pattern is called “Twin Roses”. It is printed on burlap, and colour suggestions are printed right on the pattern. The roses themselves are painted to indicate the shading needed.  (not something one would usually hook on ). It may be an Eaton’s pattern, although it doesn’t say so.DSCF5447

In any case…being that I’m breaking all advice by even hooking on it…I may as well go whole hog and mess with the pattern itself! (In my defense…the burlap is strong and even and has no aroma, and shows no signs of deterioration at all)

It is obviously intended to be hooked with a fine cut, and done with detailed shading…but that’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to use my dump dye wool on the scroll, with a much less formal shading, using a simple fade in and out of the colours, and this would look silly paired with fine shading. …So the question was…..how will I hook the flowers?

I collected up a variety of purples, and started with a 6 cut doing a bit of shading and paying some attention to the values of the paint.


Frankly it looked like a lilac blob! I knew it had to come out, but I was uncertain how to do them….how would I hook attractive flowers in at least a 6 cut that went with the less detailed interpretation of the rug I envisioned.

I puddled with the background while I pondered how to do the roses.

While I was shopping at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s store in Nova Scotia, my main idea in making purchases was to explore her colour combinations. With my “Twin Roses” rug in mind, I purchased this bundle of mauves and maroons.


….When I returned home, I used these colours (and some of my own as well) and did each petal in a separate colour…roughly keeping the forward ones lighter, and the distance ones darker.  For the leaves, I used the scroll wool cut sideways so I just had a dark green for the veins, and used bits of lighter green for the leaves themselves.DSCF5713

This rougher, less detailed interpretation seemed much more in keeping with the style I wanted…..and I loved the colours.

DSCF5715In my first version of the centre of the flower, I used various colours of roving and yarn, but I wasn’t happy with it.


I redid it in a simpler version which I felt popped out a bit more.


….so here is my wider cut non-shaded version of an old pattern as it stands to date. I’m hooking it for the bedroom of a very special person who loves purple.

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