Out of the November Blahs

I love all four seasons here in central Ontario, but undoubtedly my least favourite month is November. The leaves are gone, it is dark, dull and dreary awaiting the beauty of winter and the bracing bite of cold air that invigorates me. So I was delighted to wake up this morning to our first significant snowfall.


My spirits rose immediately.


So after a week or so of not hooking much, I feel ready to snuggle up and get busy on my eldest son’s birthday rug.

It will once again be a primitive style record of his dogs…the same style as the one I did for my youngest son. (three sons so the middle one’s pets will also be a project).


I had no problem with the outlines for the schnauzers and labs. It’s easy to find good profiles of purebred dogs. The tricky part was for the two mixed breed dogs that I had seldom seen when they were alive. Fortunately Scott had lovely framed photos of them, so I did the best I could.


I completely redid Bogie after I realized the size was too small for a fellow who boasted some great dane ancestry.

Now I’m anxious to get hooking these well loved pets.

I did complete the little Twin Sheep pattern I purchased at Dianne Fitzpatrick’s shop. While I find it physically impossible to hook in her free-form style, I did use her wool, and I plan to send it as a little gift to my great,great nephew.


Here’s the significance behind these wee sheep. My maiden name was Lamb, and my sister and I exchanged Lamb gifts and referred to ourselves as the Lamb girls. Baby Elliot was born last January on the same day and just a few hours after my sister died of cancer. This is a little reminder that the two Lamb girls (great grandmother, and great great aunt) will always be with him, in spirit if not in life.

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