Finishing Review

I’ve finished the whipping and binding of Twin Roses, and was surprised at how many people were interested in seeing the method I was using to finish it. I’ve shown it here before, but thought some people might like to see it demonstrated….so here is the process.  (It will also serve as a reminder for me the next time I do it).

I begin by folding the backing to the back and clipping the binding tape to it (no sewing or basting involved….I like that) ….Hold the rug facing you, then weave the end into the backing to start. (I’m actually starting a new length of wool in this photo as I was part way through )


Bring the needle up at the back at about 1/4 inch depth (Or however deep you want the whipping to be.)


Pull the wool up leaving a tail, and bring it forward over your finger. Hold this loop with your thumb , and insert the needle front to back right into the hole of your edge hooking.


Check the back to make sure the needle is at the same depth each time so you have a straight line of whipping on the back.



Pull the wool through and snuggle it down smoothly….repeat.

At the corners, I just go around keeping the stitches as even as possible.


When the whipping was finished, I clipped the backing away up to the zigzagged edge (which I made sure was close enough to be under the edge of the binding tape).DSCF5755

I do a false mitre on the corners by folding the tape right under, t (These photos were taken before I cut away the extra backing…. this step would actually be done after it is cut away)


………then folding back over the  top.

DSCF5759The backing tape is then sewed down with an invisible stitch. I like this method since it keeps the hand sewing to a minimum.



The front is neat, and sits below the hooking.



Here’s the back.  Whipping is finished, and the backing ready to be cut away, and the tape tacked down.



One more project completed. I have some small pieces to finish next, and I’m going to try a new finishing technique (well new to me).  I’ll share the results in the next post. I hope it turns out.

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