Sunshine Christmas Pot Luck

Linda Wilson once more graciously hosted the Sunshine potluck Christmas Hook In. What a lovely day we all had! Thanks so much Linda for having us .

Here in central Ontario, we have had even more snow than usual, and it was a Christmas wonderland to look out over the fields and enjoy the snowy view. (which you can’t actually see in this picture). Just imagine the perfect Christmas card picture and that was it.


As a change from just the normal ….hook your own work……we decided to have a day of hooking with alternate materials. What fun! Everyone brought a marked 5″ x5″ square on backing, and some alternate materials to share …..fabrics, yarns, roving, lace, nylons, raffia, anything hookable,

DSCF5831These goodies were strung up all over the room. This is one area….with fabrics on the dryer, and yarns, roving etc. on the top of the shelf.

Linda put up some examples of her small Christmas pieces for inspiration.


Everyone drew a little pattern on their backing, chose alternate fibres and away they went.

I tried to get pictures from early in the day, and later in the afternoon….so there are 2 photos of most projects.

There were lots of Christmas trees.

DSCF5836 DSCF5864




Gail works with alternate fabric all the time and is well known for her delightful “wonky” christmas trees.DSCF5852

This rope edging , brought by Isabel, (and used by Gail) caused a lot of interest and makes finishing very speedy indeed. It comes in ropes and is available at Fabric land.

DSCF5840Kathy decided to make a “star” Christmas tree.


However at the end of the day…she declared it hadn’t turned out as she envisioned, and she intended to rip it out.

Some people did a sky of stars.

DSCF5839 DSCF5866

Ann is an expert “star maker” and has made about 60 star ornaments this year…She loves making them.


Of course you have to have snowmen….DSCF5846



Margaret chose to do a wreath…I thought it was a perfect choice, (and wish I’d thought of it)


LOVE these colours.

Linda and I chose to do Christmas words.


Although I must admit I cheated, and took this last photo at home after I had finished it. (the light green in the holly is raffia, the ‘noel’ a metalic check print fabric, the berries are nylons, and the rest is yarn)


Cynthia hooked winter flowers.DSCF5862

…there were christmas balls…DSCF5843

…that pink one was spectacular….looked like solid sequins


….and a variety of other subjects…



…a new hooker….and a first time hooker…bravo !

The food was yummy and plentiful….a true pot luck…with 4 pots of meat balls (one of which was mine)….watch next year there’ll be none!

It was such a fun day with good friends, good food, fun hooking and a wonderful locale.

Happy holidays to everyone. May you experience peace. love and joy, time with loved ones, and and a full tummy.

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