New Year’s Resolve

New Year’s Day here in my home town is bright clear and beautiful. We have copious amounts of snow (about 3 feet on the ground) and it’s very cold…but if you love winter as I do…this is the perfect winter’s day.DSCF5903

My hooking plans for the start of the year are made, so I’m a happy hooker. My first task is to finish the primitive “pet’ memory rug for my eldest son.

As you may recall, I made one for my youngest son…a rug of his pets over the years done in a style inspired by Magdelea Briner.  This one is in the same style….very little detail in the dogs, but enough for them to be recognizable. His current dog Smoke, a miniature schnauzer, is largest, and in the centre.


I used a grey herringbone tweed to get the “salt and pepper ” effect of his coat. (The rug wasn’t laying flat when I took these photos, so please excuse the wobbles in their shapes (they aren’t there in reality).


Aubin was a wonderful yellow lab….the main pet of his youth, and his bedtime companion for many years.


Diahmi was our first schnauzer. What a character he was. Unfortunately he was killed by a car when he was quite young. (he had cropped ears, while Scott’s present schnauzer has natural ears)



We soon acquired Brannigan, our only black and silver schnauzer. He lived to a ripe old age, and spread joy and laughter to everyone.

When Scott married and moved to the country, his first dog was Winston, another yellow lab (who I haven’t yet hooked), then Bogey, He was a lab/ great dane cross, with the lab colouration, and the great dane size. Fortunately Scott had a nice picture of him to help me out,

DSCF5896(sorry about the flash glare on the glass of the photo)



As you can see behind him, I had originally drawn him smaller, but I thought his size should have more emphasis, so I redid him using a red marker the second time. I ended up using wool I had dyed for flesh tones to get his colour.

DSCF5902…so here’s my progress to date ….5 down and two to go.  I think I may take out that dark round in the patch to the left of Brannigan, it sees too prominent…but I’ll leave it for now.

In the meantime…I’m planning an exciting new project….a piece for the celebration activities  for Sir John A. Mac Donald’s 200th birthday in 2015.

I’ve fallen in love with this cartoon.



….and I think it is just perfect (note the bottle of “hootch” in his back pocket). The words on the cake are…”Happy Birthday Sir John Eh?”…..did we overuse “eh”even 200 years ago???

The words at the bottom say “Peterson” and Vancouver Sun, so I thought it would be a simple matter to find the cartoonist and get his permission to hook it. Unfortunately I found that he had died in October, and I couldn’t figure out how to get permission . Fortunately the lady who originally found it remembered the name of the site where she saw it, “” and so I contacted them. They own the rights, and gave me permission to hook it…. I was thrilled.

I plan to do it in black and white, and while I complete Scott’s pets, I’ll be deciding on size for this next project, and actually drawing the pattern for the Sir John piece. I hope I can do it justice.

Stay tuned….and stay warm. Happy New Year!



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