A Tribute to Diane Audia

Diane’s mom Doris Graham, is a long time rug hooker, and member of the Sunshine Rug Hookers. ( a tribute to Doris was posted in May 2011….check the archives, or the Tribute categories to see her work).  As Doris’s health failed, and she was confined to a wheel chair, Diane began bringing her to the meetings each week, and staying with her. Rather than just sitting  for the morning and watching, she decided that she might as well learn how to hook.

That was five years ago. Her mom, now living in a nursing home, is no longer able to hook, but Diane has taken up the torch…in a big way. She is past president of the group, is currently treasurer and for the past two years she has been the organizer for the rug hooking portion of the Quilt and Rug Fair at the Simcoe County Museum in September.


….her lovely first rug.

Her interest was really aroused when she attended a workshop given by Jennifer Manuell. She said she chose the very smallest pattern available, but ended up loving hooking it.


A friend who had once given hooking a try, gave Diane the pattern and wool for a rug that they had never done. Diane was a little taken back by the size, but decided it was a good opportunity to learn about shading flowers.


What a wonderful job she did!

On a trip to Nova Scotia, she discovered the Cheticamp style of hooking. It uses specific colours and generally depicts flowers all hooked with yarn.


She was so pleased that the yarn didn’t slip and loved hooking this.

She has hooked a variety of proddy broaches…DSCF5972

….and mug rugs…..


But her biggest project to date was her first pictorial, hooked for the Barn Project. It is a bird’s eye view of her mother’s family farm. (…and if you are a member of OHCG it is one of the rugs featured  in the article about the barn project…..in the latest issue). Of course she didn’t have it with her (the project rugs are in the hands of the museum now), and the picture I took of it at RUG was when my batteries were dying so it is hardly visible, but I’ll post it anyway.


As she was hooking it, she would take it to her mother to show her, and her mom was so thrilled with it, and the memories it evoked, that Diane seriously thought of not entering it in the project, and giving it to her mom. However she realized that her mom wouldn’t leave it out in her room for fear of it getting damaged or lost, so she took this photo of it and had it framed….to sit by her mom’s bedside….

DSCF5968…and the actual rug went off to the Museum.

Diane’s hand skills before taking up hooking were in crocheting…..





DSCF5961….and knitting…


Thanks you so much Diane for sharing your wonderful work with us , and thank you too for your continuing contributions to the smooth running of the Sunshine Rug Hookers.

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