Starting and Ending

I’m on the last legs of the hooking for my eldest son’s ‘dog memory’ rug….(about time since it was for his birthday last July).


Hooking the background was fun and relaxing and straightforward . I did some tweaking of the colours, removing all  of the dark red colour that I felt popped out too much. Then it was a search through my worms to find wool for Winston (the lab) and Jessie (the shepherd/huskie).


WInston is hooked with leftovers from Adele.


….and Jessie from bits and pieces of unknown origin…


He is almost finished. Jessie has a special story. He was acquired from the SPCA in Regina Saskatchewan by my middle son Mark who at the time had 3 small children. Unfortunately one of the children was rough with Jessie, and he retaliated by nipping him. Mark’s wife no longer felt it was safe to have him, and Mark tried to return him to the SPCA. However, having bitten a child, Mark was told he was now unadoptable, and would be euthanized. Mark was devastated, and as a last resort, phoned his older brother in Ontario to see if he would save Jessie’s life. Scott agreed, and so Jessie made the long trip by air from Regina to Toronto, and lived a happy life with Bogey (the lab/great dane)  in the Ontario woods of Medonte.


….so that’s the “finishing part”…..I have been “starting” my Sir John cartoon……well actually getting prepared to start.

Having decided on a size, I drew a grid on the picture. I actually goofed with this, and drew 1 cm squares, when it should have been 2 cm squares.


I fixed it as best I could, and numbered and lettered the squares for easy drawing reference.

Using red dot on my 2″ grid board, I then drew the basic outlines of the cartoon. (I pretty much ignore the 1″ dots on the red dot as I’ve found they are not entirely accurate….the 2″ grid you see in the photo is from the board underneath))

DSCF5979….in progress….



This was then positioned and pinned on the background and slowly drawn over with a sharpie to produce the pattern….


….Ready to start hooking.

I’m in the process of getting the wool for this project, so it will be awhile before the hooking actually begins. You might think …black and white….what’s so hard about colour choice with that???? …..  but it’s not quite that simple. Thanks so much to Elizabeth Marino,  Wanda Kerr,  Michelle Halber, Ivi Collier, and various Yahookers for their colour help and suggestions about how best to hook a cartoon entirely in black and white. I’m excited to get this project underway.

3 thoughts on “Starting and Ending

  1. Elizabeth – the dog memory rug is wonderful and your background really shows them off to perfection (your usual). I look forward to following the Sir John A. rug as well. You are awesome!

  2. Love your doggie rug. Yes life is better with a dog….or more!!! Such a nice story and so happy that your other son could take the naughty boy. He probably would nave never bite anyone, he was just scared of the child probably. Now can you explain to me how you used graph paper to draw out that pattern of the cartoon? So clever!! But I need help understanding how you did it. Many thanks.

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