It’s a Woman’s Prerogative…..

Yup…..I’ve changed my mind. Well….in a way. I think I’m addicted to hooking, and while I wait for the arrival of the black and white wool for the Sir John cartoon, I have nothing to hook . Then AHA! How could I have forgotten my Lunenburg landscape. I bought this pattern in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia at Encompassing Designs last September. It is on burlap, (which I don’t like) but I immediately loved the pattern and it made such a wonderful memento of our trip and our week long stay in Lunenburg, where this view delighted my eyes countless times.  Then I got home and packed it away….got busy with other projects and literally forgot about it. It makes perfect sense to hook it now for these reasons:

1) I need practise hooking in small cuts again before I start the cartoon

2) I want something rather mindless to hook on while I watch the Olympics (the cartoon will require concentration)

3) I have a year to finish the cartoon so there’s no rush

4)I haven’t anything else to hook

5) I want to

6) I’m an expert at rationalizing reasons to do what I want

So here it is just underway.

DSCF5989Where possible I’m using a 6 cut , but all the outlining and details are a 4 or a 3. One interesting note….

DSCF5993I find I’m not using my small bent Moshimer hook at all. Even for the 3 cuts, I find I have far more control with my much larger bent Irish hook. It’s not as large as my 6mm hook and I bought it to use on 6 cuts, but I love it now for the fine cuts too.

DSCF5992I’ve just finished dyeing 1/8 yard of poppy red to have a few even brighter  buildings and since it is once again snowing and the temperature is -18 C ( that’s 0 F) I think I’ll stay put and do some hooking today.


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