Is that Yellow?

The saying is…a change is as good as a rest…and unexpectedly, I am really enjoying the change to hooking with small cuts for my Lunenburg landscape.


Working on large pieces with wide cuts has meant many dyeing sessions to get the colours. It has also resulted in bins and bins of the bits left over from these projects.  Now I’m really enjoying digging through the bins to find a small piece just the right colour for “whatever’.  I did dye wool for the brightest red buildings  (poppy red), but other than that I’ve been able to find everything I’ve needed so far.

I’m not sure if it’s the light, or my eyes, but last night, I almost took out all the hooking of the yellow boat. In the artificial light at night, the yellow looked really pale, almost lemonish, and I hated it. I even went so far as to dig through my colours once again looking for something with more orange. Fortunately I decided to leave it until morning because now in the daylight, the colour is deep and exactly what I want. Obviously light can make a significant difference in how colour is perceived. ( and I’ve already had cataract surgery in both eyes, so that’s not the problem)

Just a quickie post this morning, as I’m off to shop, then to a retirement party for one of my teacher friends this afternoon.  When I return to my hooking this evening, I’ll remember not to judge the colours in the lamplight.

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