People, Places, Passion..A Tribute to Margaret Kennedy

The Sunshine Rug Hookers were treated on Tuesday to a wonderful talk and the reminiscences of Margaret’s life , particularly through her rug hooking. She began by explaining that as soon as she developed the ability to design and hook her own patterns, she was moved to create pieces significant to her in one of the three “P’s”….people, places, and her passions.

…But of course, before she got to that point, she started with the (then) obligatory shaded flowers. She didn’t like the pattern, or the flowers or the colours, and joked that it was a wonder she ever finished it…but finish it she did,,, and now she loves it, and it lies beside her bed where she happily steps on it every morning as she gets out of bed.


Deanne Fitzpatrick was an early influence…


….and she was beginning her own expression by adding Ontario symbols around the border. She laughingly recounted that she had read about Deanne’s suggestion of the staggered outline, and that was why this dear lady has large black freckles on her body.


She eventually travelled to Nova Scotia for a course with Deanne, and by now her style and subject matter were firmly her own. This is her son and their Standard Schnauzer ivy.

She  was very interested in her ancestors who had settled in western Canada, and did several small pictures copied from old photos.


A large version of one of these is on her ‘to do’ list.

Margaret is an avid hiker and loves nature, so these maple leaves ar very close to her heart.


Her sister and their activities together are  frequent topics for her rugs.


….it looks like a very happy memory….

This piece of the two of them skating as children, is hooked entirely from ‘as is’ blankets cut by hand into strips about 1/2 inch wide.


She had to set it aside until she found a blanket the right colour to complete the ice at the bottom. This has recently been found, so she can now finish this wonderful memory rug.

She showed us the original pattern she drew for this rug, and you can see that it evolved into something quite different as the planning progressed, eventually losing many of the background details and even many of the people.DSCF6020

This wonderful rug was hooked for her husband, who wanted a rug to go on the floor and to be only neutrals.  It is entitled “The Fen” and contains outlines of plants and animals found in a marsh near their country home.


Margaret paid a lovely tribute to the Sunshine group, who she said, were not only a wonderful and supportive group of people, but she so appreciated the many ideas that she was exposed to through the workshops presented by the many talented teachers  in the group.

Her bird….taught by Linda Wilson…


….an introduction to needle felting….DSCF6017


This is a cosy for her coffee pot which wraps around the pot and fastens with the loops.

….a workshop on special stitches….


….(which she says she can’t finish since she wouldn’t then be able to see the back and know how to replicate the stitches),  and many other small projects done through the inspiration of the group…

DSCF6004Margaret keeps a file of ideas and inspirations, and draws her patterns from these pictures. She shared the germ of several future rugs with us….these wonderful japanese designs….


….and this inspiration of a cross country skate style skier.


Margaret is an avid skier, and in fact had a skiing date right after our meeting.DSCF6018

….as you can see here on the left, she is appropriately and elegantly dressed for a rug hookers meeting, but with one swift movement…..DSCF6028

(sorry that it’s blurry….I was laughing too hard to hold the camera steady) ….off comes the dress……..on goes the ski jacket……


…and she’s ready to go! Thanks Margaret for a wonderful morning.

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