For many of us (dare I say most) there is a significant other in the background (be it spouse, sister, brother, parent, child, or friend) who supports our work either emotionally, physically, or both.

Without my DH’s help and support, not a single piece of mine would be on the wall, and many would not be hooked at all!


This week I presented him with a new problem. Emma Sue is to hang in our local Art History museum for the International Women’s Day Art Show. The following information was amongst the guidelines: “All work to be hung on the wall must have proper d-rings and wire.”

Emma Sue is finished with a whipped binding, and doesn’t even have a casing for a rod, let alone a way to hang her with d-rings  (I had to look that up on google to find out what they were!) but Ray set to work to make her presentable……d-rings and all.


This is the back. He made a frame using carpet strips at the top and bottom, set flush with side pieces, installed the d-rings (wire to follow), and put tape at the edges to assure it was smooth.


On the front he glued acid free artist’s backer board, so she would lie flat. The prongs of the carpet strip at top and bottom will hold her secure.


When she’s on the frame it makes an invisible , but secure support, ready to hang anywhere.


And here she is, affixed to her new frame, and ready to visit the Orillia Museum of Art and History, d-rings wire, and all!

….and here’s my hero…on an earlier mission when he was reframing an entire wall to make a secure home for Hygieia and her 3′ x 6′ weight.


Truly my hooking partner! Thanks a bundle  xx oo

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