A Final Tribute to Hilda Hayes

On Tuesday, March 4th our dear Hilda passed away peacefully at home in Orillia in her 97th year.


She was an inspiration to us all. In spite of near blindness, she continued to hook, to encourage, and take great delight in “seeing” what everyone else was working on, to joke, and to live life to the fullest. She has left behind many memories for attendees of Trent School of Rug Hooking, which she attended faithfully until just a couple of years ago. She broke her hip in the fall, but within days of leaving the hospital, came to a Sunshine meeting in a wheelchair to say hello and see what we were up to.

Her last large project was a pair of bench covers depicting the four seasons designed by and hooked for her grand daughter Adele. DSCF2447

Although I have had a long connection with her family through music (having taught singing to 2 grandchildren, her daughter, and her son-in-law) , it was as a hooker that I got to know and love her. She will always serve as a beacon to me in the art of graciousness, enthusiasm, and loving kindness. I will miss her sweet smile, kind words. funny witticisms, and unfailing vitality.

Rest in peace my dear friend.

3 thoughts on “A Final Tribute to Hilda Hayes

  1. I, too, remember Hilda vividly from Trent. She was in the first class I took there and at the end of the week when a big party was held and everyone dressed up in silly, outrageous costumes, I remember Hilda appearing as a ‘floozy/hooker’ with lots of makeup and a ‘cigarette’ dangling from her mouth. Everyone rushed to take photos of this quite daring, older lady who got right into the spirit of the fun of the event. I’ll never forget that and her perseverance in looking through a very large magnifying glass in class in order that she could continue hooking. I shall remember her with a smile.
    jill in Ontario

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