A “Woops” Works Out

OK first I’d better set the scene. I was ready to finish Sir John’s jacket, and hook his vest. The vest on the cartoon had always bothered me a bit because it was  the same fabric as the jacket, and didn’t stand out as much as I would have liked. DSCF5978


Using just black and white my options were limited, so I went ahead to repeat the same look. It had been a couple of weeks since I’d hooked on the jacket, and I couldn’t remember which wool I’d used for the nubby tweed effect. As I dug through the pile, nothing seemed right, and I couldn’t for the life of me remember exactly what I’d used. I finally settled on a grey herringbone which seemed the only likely choice, and began hooking the vest. Oh no, it was not the same wool at all, but to my delight, it created the same effect in a lighter shade and let the vest stand out nicely.


When I went back to the basket holding my wool for this project, the wool fairies had mysteriously returned the wool I had first looked for. It was right there where it should have been. (I know it wasn’t in the basket when I looked the first time).


My forgetfulness wasn’t finished with me yet! I couldn’t remember which cut I’d used, and cut a few strips of #4 to begin finishing the jacket itself. What a difference that 1/32nd of an inch makes in a fine plaid! It should have been a #3.


…as you can see (even though the photo is so blurry) the #4 patch on the right doesn’t match the other tweed at all.


Being retired is a mixed bag of blessings indeed! So much more time to do the things I love, so much time wasted by the occasional forgetfulness which catches most of us out when we least expect it. This topic was triggered by a funny video sent to me by my friend Jean this morning.


It gave me my morning chuckle. I hope it gives you one too!

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