Background and Confessions


With a couple of false starts, I’ve settled on a background style for Sir John.DSCF6290

….very simple and basic….random wiggles in off white….


….surrounded with the white. I like it. It doesn’t take away from the “black and white” aspect, but gives some life to the background. I’m using a #4 cut, I haven’t done a background in that small a cut for years! (and it will likely be years more before I do it again too!)…it’s a slow process.


I plan to hook two or three rows of black around the outside in a 6 cut to form a more definitive border. Notice the drawing to the left of his body….that was a shadow…which I partially hooked, then took out since I thought it didn’t add anything to the piece. He’s now  “shadow-less”.

OK…now for the ‘confession’ part. I’ve had a pretty productive winter as far as hooking….but the number of pieces totally completed???? ZERO!  That evasive finishing.(sigh). Here’s what I’ve hooked since last fall….DSCF6296


So right now, I committing myself to start NOTHING new until I have all of these pieces (including Sir John) completely done.  (sigh)….but….but…but…



6 thoughts on “Background and Confessions

  1. Sir John is awesome!!!!!! Elizabeth, I’m just like you and hate the binding part. Matter of fact a friend of mine has suggested to someone they contact me for binding rugs for someone. I immediately told her that I hate binding my own and no one could pay me enough to bind someone else’s rugs. But looks like the others are smallish mats so you’ll be done in a flash.


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