Barn Project on Display

Saturday’s get together at R.U.G. was a special event. The rugs entered in the Barn Project had been judged and hung and the entire group of 62 entries was on display. 40 of the rugs have been selected to tour for the next two years. Much to my dismay, when I got home, I didn’t have photos of all the entries, but enough to let you see the wide variety and skill of the hookers. Entries were received from all across Canada….from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Each rug was accompanied by a write up telling of the memories or significance evoked by that specific barn. Sadly I don’t have information on them all.

DSCF6345….a stone barn still standing in Saskatchewan


…originally a horse barn in British Columbia….no longer  standing


…the barn on highway 6….a local landmark for over a hundred years


…a deserted barn north of Orillia Ontario…at odds with the beauty of nature overtaking it…winner of Award for Best Wide CutDSCF6343

….from Calgary Alberta


…sheds (kilns) for drying tobacco in Southwestern Ontario…not longer used and falling down


Dairy barn in Prince Edward County…..winner of The Award for Best Fine Cut…DSCF6340


The Old Tobacco Kiln  at Port Hope Ontario….won Judges Choice AwardDSCF6349DSCF6350Judges choice Award from British Columbia entitled Hayloft DreamingDSCF6351

I thought I could include all the photos I had in one blog entry….but there are just too many. I’ll continue with the rest  next time.


9 thoughts on “Barn Project on Display

  1. They are all so very splendid. What a pleasure to see these wonderful rugs so full of meaning and memories

    • Yours is wonderful Trish. The highlights really catch my eye, and the purples!!!. I saw that the owner has pinned your rug and is very proud of how you have portrayed their barn. Congratulations.

  2. Thank you so much Elizabeth, I enjoyed each and every one! There is something special about barns that conveys the feeling of home. Now I want to go hook a barn! I hope the tour comes to Altantic Canada, will it go to the Hokked Rug Museum of North America?

  3. You are very modest as the wide cut barn that won is yours! Congratulations. All the barns are wonderful.

  4. Thank you for posting so many of the barns that were on display. I really enjoyed seeing my barn included in your posting. We out west were unable to attend the display and it is nice to see more of the barns. It is amazing to see how many wonderful barns are out there. Hooking my Aunt & Uncles barn helped me expand my hooking skills with challenging myself to try new skills like painting the barn roof to create a rusted look, dip dying the sky and managing to keep it all in order, hooking with yarn and the icing on the cake was hand dying the yarn I used to whip around the hooking. It was lots of fun to try to dye the wool for the barn colour to make it the dull colour it is after all these years. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

    • Thanks so much Lynne for telling us about some of the details in the making of your barn. I think it was a great learning experience for us all, and a joy to see the amazing work of so many hookers.

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