OHCG 2014 The Teachers’ Challenge

What a wonderful weekend at Durham College in Oshawa. I didn’t even begin to get photos of all the pieces on display, but I certainly have enough to provide a feel for the wonderful work I saw (and several blog posts). As well as the various guild displays, there were several specialty displays and I’m going to start with one that I just loved. “The Teachers Challenge”.

Members of the teachers group were given a challenge.

They were given this line drawing…


….and challenged to hook it …any way they liked.

DSCF6509….What fantastic results, and such a learning experience to see the wide variety of interpretations, styles and techniques they used.

The wide variety of treatments of the rocks, shows an intimate knowledge of the Canadian Shield and the infinite possible colours in granite


DSCF6522 DSCF6513DSCF6514




….some chose the special effects of a sunset…with a silhouette style

DSCF6517……or a different season….with a monochromatic treatment



….or tiling…DSCF6521

…..or mosaic…..DSCF6516

or a more modern treatment….(I’m sure there’s a proper name for this style, but I can’t think of it)DSCF6510


….or a monochromatic straight line treatmentDSCF6518


….or a wonderful night time interpretation. I can just hear  and the waves lapping gently on the shore.DSCF6523

What a powerful sky in this rendition. I can feel the wind blowing. even the trees have a wind blown aspect, and the highlights in the rocks balance the sky so well.DSCF6511


….and another amazing sky….the wool for the sky was painted, then reverse hooked…and the spaces evenly staggered to create the regular “swiss dot ” effect.DSCF6533

Wow! What talent…..and what a lesson on the endless possibilities of a black line drawing!

….and that was just one small display….I’ll show another one next blog.

In the meantime…I’m recouperating from all the fun and food and laughter of a marvelous weekend away with hookers.

Thanks for dropping by.

1 thought on “OHCG 2014 The Teachers’ Challenge

  1. I love these. It is amazing the variety of interpretations. I adore No 8 and really like No 6 as well as many others. Superb work. A real pleasure to see. Thank you

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