More Annual Photos

It will be time for next year’s annual by the time I finish posting photos from this year!

These are a few of the rugs from the various guild displays, starting with Sunshine Rug Hookers.




The rest are from various guilds, unfortunately I don’t know which ones. DSCF6451DSCF6452DSCF6453DSCF6455DSCF6456DSCF6457DSCF6460DSCF6464DSCF6463DSCF6466DSCF6467DSCF6468DSCF6469DSCF6471DSCF6472DSCF6473DSCF6474DSCF6475……..and still more to come in one more post.


6 thoughts on “More Annual Photos

  1. Some very wonderful rugs once again. Some I particularly adore. I think the one of the little bird in the tree is magnificent and the other one I really love is the barn with all the wild flowers in the surrounding area. Brilliant one and all

    • The bird is just exquisite isn’t it Brigitte. One of my favourites too. The barn was done by Linda Wilson. She did another barn piece which is traveling with the “Barn Project” It’s the one about the barn swallows….also very beautiful, and also sad, as the swallows are disappearing as the barns do.

  2. It is so interesting to see rugs that I don’t remember from when I was there even though I went around several times. I will say that Sir John gave me a “start” every time—thought he was a real person sitting there. Well done!

    • I think it is just too much for the brain to process all at once Marjorie. The same thing happened to me when I looked at the photos on the blog “Hooked By the Lake”. Thanks for all your hard work in making it such a wonderful weekend.

  3. I am seeing pieces I don’t recall seeing when I was at the Annual so thank you for showing them to me again, Elizabeth.

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