More Hook-In Photos….and DONE Hooking!


Here are some more photos of the pieces people were hooking on at Linda’s.


Cheri is making her famous necklaces.


I love Mary’s pastoral scene. It is so restful.


This is a large quote, but I’m sorry I don’t recall what it is.DSCF6733

….creative hot pads….


Cynthia’s whimsical work….


Liz has finished her owls.


Ann was doing lettering on her Vimy Ridge piece


….and an abstract by Gail.

….and on Friday, I pulled the last loop in Signa Meus Vita.


….now out with the steam iron and press cloth….(if I can tear myself away from the sketches I’m doing for my next project).

Thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “More Hook-In Photos….and DONE Hooking!

  1. Hi, I would like to find out more about your post of Cheri making her famous necklaces ! I would sure love to learn how to do this. The picture looked pretty neat. Thanks so much, Paulette

  2. Have enjoyed your sharing journey on your excellent latest Rug Elizabeth. Also always enjoyable to see other rug hookers work in the making. Great to get these. Thank you so much. X

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